HAL can provide Refractory Dry out & Pre heating service to entire cement plants

  • Rotary Kiln

  • Pre heater

  • Kiln Hoods

  • Coolers

  • Cement Mills

  • Raw Mills

HAL is deploying burners in such a way as to ensure uniformity of temperature through out the system, obviating flame impingement or localized overheating. HAL High Velocity Burner System, which is based on the deployment of mass flows of hot gases, can be injected in to the object plant at precisely controlled temperatures.

In cement Industries in particular the refractories that line the thermal area of cement production units, much like fire bricks in a fireplace and castable refractory are designed for efficiency, durability and easy installation. To set and preserve the refractories internal bonding and removing moisture requires very careful controlled dry out & pre heating.

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