Coke Oven

Using the HAL high velocity system of heating, New or repaired coke ovens can now be brought back into service with far greater control than ever before in 5 to 7 days instead of the usual 2 to 8 weeks. HAL have specially developed equipment for the sole purpose of coke oven heat ups. The specially designed burner outlet nozzle fits into the easily modified coke oven doors. The HAL High Velocity Burner is small enough to fit in to the doorframe work. In most instances the combustion air hoses, gas pipes and electrical cables are fed down the side of the door and through the flash plates to the combustion air blower and flame failure unit situated in the gas alley. HAL can heat up after End Wall or Through Wall repair. The excellent temperature control achieve by the HAL system ensures that the ovens go on stream in optimum condition and without wall misalignment or damage. HAL Burners are installed in a such way that the pusher and coke wagon can pass easily to service the operating ovens.

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