Controlled Furnace Cool Down & Contraction Control

“ As much attention to the control of temperature levels and distribution must be given when bringing a furnace down for repair as when initially putting it into production, Increasing demands on furnace production inevitably lead to uneven wear of the various types of refractories and the need for partial repairs during the over all life of the furnace.

Reversing the heat up procedure and maintaining a steady and controlled cool down after a smooth takeover from the furnace firing system gives the best chance of preserving the integrity of the refractories to be retained.

At a temperature around 200°C the burner system is switched off, but the combustion air fan is left running to complete the cooling up to ambient.

This process is often accompanied by the HAL Technicians taking control of the furnace contraction during the vital period, and making the necessary adjustment to the refractory retaining steel structure.

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