Controlled Furnamce Heat Up & Expansion Control

Heat up

"As critical to the overall life of the furnace as the quality of materials and standard of construction is the degree of control exercised over the initial heat up to working temperatures.

Employing large volumes of rapidly circulating heated products from our range of Gas, Oil and Duel Fuel High Velocity Burners temperatures from as low as 35°C on light off to in excess of 1100°C on change over to production burners are readily achieved with control increments of 1°C/hr. being routine. The High Velocity Burners produces high volumes of turbulent hot gases which, with the furnace placed on positive pressure, ensure even distribution of heat throughout the structure.


Vital to the overall success of any furnace heat up or cool down is the accuracy with which the furnace expansion or contraction has been measured and subsequently controlled by careful adjustment to the retaining steel structure.

The main indicator of movement is by reading the rise or fall of the furnace melter crown, working end crown and regenerator crown centerlines (where applicable). This is achieved by frequent monitoring of the movement throughout the operation.

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