Statement of Intent

It is the policy of HAL that all our equipments are manufactured to the very highest standard, and that they fully comply with all international safety rules and regulations.

Our highly trained workshop personnel carry out very concise checks on all our equipments both before they are shipped to a particular job site and when the equipments arrive back at our workshop after completion of a project. HAL uses a labeling system to identify any faulty or broken equipments, this equipment is then repaired or replaced as necessary and then labeled to certify that it is ready for use on the job site.

In the case of electrical apparatus, we at HAL have fully qualified full time electricians that inspect and carry out very comprehensive testing of these equipments before they are labeled as suitable for use on the job site.

HAL’s policy with regards to our Gas and Oil firing equipments are that under no circumstances shall this equipment be shipped to any job site unless it has been fully tested electrically and for any leakage of any kind. This equipment is fully tested and then labeled suitable for use only after it passes our testing procedures.

We at HAL take a very strict approach to the maintenance of our equipments, using a testing and labeling system that ensures the equipment dispatched to the site is in perfect operating condition.


Statement of Intent

Heat applications India Pvt. Ltd. operate a very strict and comprehensive safety policy; this applies to both our personnel and our equipments. 

Our policy is to provide and maintain healthy working conditions for all our employees by providing the proper tools, equipments and operational processes and safe systems of work to cover all our activities both on site and in our workshop.

Our Management and Senior Site personnel accept the responsibility for applying the above and for providing the necessary information, instruction and training at all times and for the duration necessary to achieve this purpose.

We understand that from time to time other people may be affected by our activities, for example visitors, neighbors, contractors etc., and to that regard our Management and Senior site personnel accept the responsibility to provide appropriate levels of safety to cover them also.

We will provide suitable facilities and / or make the necessary arrangements for the welfare of our employees during their work, however in the case of site work we often require the assistance and cooperation of the client to implement these.

Where risks to health and safety need to be “assessed” under specific duty or regulations, we will ensure that a suitable assessment is carried out and that all the actions that are necessary will be implemented.

Should any of our activities endanger the health of any employee, either ours or any other worker at the worksite, then such activities will be closely monitored and where the necessary arrangements for health & safety will be made.

All employees of HAL will as required attend any safety training sessions that are organized by our clients; it is the policy of HAL to support any and all safety regulations that are applicable as the working conditions require at the time.
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