A large variety of Tanks, LPG Bullets, Pressure Vessels, Spheres and welded fabrications structures can be subjected to Post Weld Heat Treatment by utilizing the" HAL High Velocity Burners. Temporary furnace can be built around the items to be treated or insulation can be applied directly to the outer surface and the item turned into its own furnace. The temperature uniformity that can be achieved by this method ensures that even the tightest standards and specifications are comfortably satisfied. The method used to heat treatment would be by means of a high velocity burner inserted into the vessels by means of suitable man way Throughout the heating and cooling cycle the expansion and contraction of the vessels must be closely monitored and controlled to avoid any distortion of the structure.

Post Weld Heat Treatment shall be carried out as per the approved specified cycle of the various vessels, Job executed by HAL - Thickness: 450mm, Diameter: 16 Mtrs, Length: 45 Mtrs and soaking period more than 36 Hrs


By external firing method large vessel seam LSR operation will be carried out by applying heat under controlled conditions using HAL high velocity fuel fired burners inserted via suitable openings into the temporary furnace and the products of combustion exhausted through suitable openings to the top of the furnace with dampers arrangement.

We have carried out a number of fuel fired Intermediate Stress Relieving (ISR) operation successfully.
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