Rapid Cullet Filling

After heat up, the quickest way to re-establish a working level is to charge with cullet introduced in such a way as to give the most rapid melt down rate without chilling any part of the furnace refractory.

The highest ratio of surface area to unit weight plus spreading the cullet over as large an area of the melter hearth as possible are the requirement for a swift cullet fill. Cullet fill normally commences from 1400°C. Melting rate of up to 60 tons/hr. on float furnaces can be attained, depending upon the size & type of furnace.

Dependant upon the furnace and dog house type the HAL cullet blowers take the form of either a water cooled box pattern which enters the furnace under the charging arch or a shorter single skin "Hot Air" unit which attaches directly to the outlet of a service burner. This precisely controls the cullet flow and the direction of the cullet to give a wide distribution over the hearth area. In ideal circumstances the cullet formed after an HAL Tapping operation is blown back into the furnace under accurate control.

The temperature of the furnace is carefully monitored throughout the operation, with particular attention to the throat and riser, especially when electrical backup heat is not available. In certain circumstances it may be advise to provide a temporary bubbler in the throat and the riser to prevent any possibility of freezing the glass in this area.
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