Thermal Decongestion of Regenerator

Once the cause of regenerator checker work blockage has been established by the Glass Tech / Furnace Manager, the best course of action can be determined. If sulphate deposits cause the blockage, it is possible to use HAL High Velocity Burners can be introduce under the regenerator rider arch to melt-out the offending materials. If the offending material is a mixture of sulphate deposits and the batch carry over, a calculated discussion has to be made which is based on the percentage of both materials. In this case it is useful to carry out the analysis before making a decision to proceed with a thermal decongestion. In the event of the offending material being meanly batch carry over it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve the temperature required for melting the material, without damaging the refractory, and in this case advise is readily available with HAL. This is a service, which quite easily & quickly pays for itself in terms of fuel economies and increased production capacity by returning the furnace to near optimum capacity.

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