HAL high velocity burners can afford the following advantages over most conventional burners or heat sources:

Mass flow of hot gases ensures no stagnant areas or hot spots / localized heating within the object equipment promoting a uniform temperature throughout the operation.
The turbulence of the hot gases created by the high velocity burners promotes a scrubbing action of the refractory surface, ensuring rapid and safe removal of any residual moisture, and hastening the heat-transfer process throughout the refractory thickness.
The extremely high turn down ratio ensures accurate temperature control at all levels of fuel and combustion air flow, enabling the fastest gradient permitted by the refractory supplier’s recommendations to be safely achieved, and resulting in substantial savings in plant down time.
Where gas is the fuel medium, all burners are fully protected by flame safety units, eliminating any potential of an explosive situation developing.
The burners have interchangeable outlet nozzles, which can be designed to suit the specific openings available in the vessel or furnace, ensuring that the hot gases are distributed in the most appropriate and uniform.
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