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Heat Applications India Pvt. Ltd. is providing various professional services worldwide, to the industries operating high temperature plant and installations.

Utilizing specially designed portable High Velocity Burners and associated equipments, we can provide controlled heat with unparalleled uniformity for your Refractory Dry out / Preheating, and Post Weld Heat Treatment requirements. We have experienced teams of specialist 60 personnel readily available to meet all your requirements.

We also have a large stock (150 sets) of equipment based in our utility in India and other facilities around the world.

We have a track record of zero accident & 100% successful completion of more than a thousand projects over the 12 years operations


We employ Portable Gas and Oil firing Burners to introduce large quantities of rapidly moving and turbulent gases into the object plant. This ensures the even heating of the whole structure with minimal differentials.

Stable combustion at all rates of air input leads to Turndown ratios approaching 100:1 and consequently precise control in the most critical phases of heating below 100 °C. Through to temperatures in excess of 1200°C.

The Combustion systems employed are of our own design and manufacture and comply with all relevant safety standards.

The lightweight and portability of the equipment enables us to put the burners in the locations best suited to get the optimum circulation and control.

Temperatures achieved are monitored by thermocouples, measuring air, hot face, interface or skin temperature as required.

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